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Helping our veterans and those currently serving in the military has never been easier or more fun. Flip For Heroes is 100% FREE and it was purposely made with no in-app purchases. I felt if you have money to give, it is best to give directly to one of the many charities supporting our veterans and military personnel! We just want you to have fun and simply by allowing the ads to be shown, you are helping out big time! (Although, there may be times you want to throw your phone! haha)

If you see an ad of a game, app, service, or product that you think you might like, tap it and check it out! The ads allow us to keep Flip For Heroes FREE and they allow us to help the true Heroes!

Watching rewards ads are a really great way to help in addition to earning Double Merits for the next 25 flips! When you see the 2X, click it!

Also, please share with family and friends! The more people flipping, the more we can help the veterans and those currently serving!

Although it may be impossible to fully thank these heroes for their sacrifice, it is my hope that we can all do a little bit by playing this simple game. So thank you to the men and women who serve and have served in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Air National Guard as well as their families!

Flip for Fun! Flip for Glory! Flip for Heroes!


Christopher George

Thank you for playing Flip For Heroes! Please share with family & friends!

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